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•  Medical Aid 
    - We offer a range of different medical aids for individuals or groups.

•  Education and Savings Planning
    - Structured plans for your Childs education and future as well as saving plans for a specific
    - Unit Trusts
    - Endowments

•  Death and Disability Planning
    - Reviewing current life products and structuring a portfolio around your needs

•  Retirement Planning
    - Analysis of existing pre-retirement provisions
    - Provision of all pre-retirement planning products including Retirement Annuities,
    - Unit Trusts, Endowment plans and Banking products
    - Structuring of portfolios
    - Analysis of Pension Provisions
    - Structuring of tax effective Income provisions
    - Provision of all Post-Retirement Investment vehicles - including Fixed Annuities -
      Linked Annuities - Linked Investment products and
    - Regular reviewing of situation

•  Investment Planning
    - Analysis of existing portfolios
    - Structuring of goal oriented Investment plans
    - Provision of all investment products including - Unit Trusts - Linked Unitised

•  Preservation Funds for Pension and Provident Funds
    - When people resign or get retrenched its tempting to cash in your Pension Funds or provident
       funds, it’s critical that such funds be preserved for retirement.
    - We offer various preservation funds which will preserve as well as grow your retirement
      capital; these products are tax free and have huge benefits at retirement.

•  Group Life Products
    - Pension and provident funds for companies or small groups of 10 people or more, including
      group life and disability cover.

•  Estate Planning.
    - Individual Estate analysis
    - Creation and structuring of estates
    - Drafting of Wills
    - Regular reviewing of situation

Financial Planning

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Please note all competitive quotes can be done free of charge...
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